The Safety Guide

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The safety and wellbeing of employees has long been a commitment of the aluminium industry.

In managing the risk to people from industry-related processes, it is necessary to systematically identify all potential hazards, have standards of good practice, committed management and systems for a structured follow up. While different areas of industry can have a different focus when it comes to safety; the end goal is always the same. It comes down to the people and making sure every effort is in place to ensure a safe working environment.

The Safety Guide will provide a platform for companies across the aluminium value chain to present and share initiatives, programmes and safer working practices. Acting as a respected resource for the industry, the Guide will gather and present safety statistics and up-to-date information, while encouraging aluminium production and processing companies to discuss successful safety projects, ways safety is being implemented, how it can be measured and the results.


  • Identifying hazards
  • Standards of good practice
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Case study success stories
  • Controlling risk
  • Minimising health risks
  • Community health and safety
  • Operation of mobile equipment, lifting devices, combustion and high voltage equipment
  • Handling molten metal
  • Achieving zero lost time
  • PPE standards
  • Psychological health and wellness


Publication is planned for January 2018 and approximately 1,000 dedicated copies will be sent directly to HSE managers and industry professionals across the aluminium value chain.

The Guide will also be distributed at events and conferences next year, including Aluminium 2018 and a downloadable version will be available for free online to ensure maximum distribution (more than 20,000 contacts).


The Safety Guide will feature dedicated sections from OEM’s, processors and equipment suppliers. To collate as much relevant and useful information as possible, we are asking for support in the form of content contributions from across the aluminium industry. 

For more information on how to be involved and help work towards a safer aluminium industry, please contact: 

Nadine Bloxsome,
Telephone: +44 (0) 1737 855115 

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