Aludium releases 55AT™

Aludium releases 55AT™

The alloy was developed by the company’s inhouse Cindal R&D centre as a high quality and cost-effective alternative to the industry standard 5505. The new alloy offers clear cost and productivity advantages for solid, metal trim parts.

55AT™ has been developed by Aludium for exterior automotive trim applications which require the highest quality bright finish. These include window frames, roof rails, sunroof trim, roof racks, B- and C-pillar decoration, and other exterior decorative parts of premium vehicles.

Higher yield enhances cost-effectiveness

For exterior trim application, 55AT™ is cost-effective both in terms of its initial cost and yield. It has a level of cleanliness not found in any comparable alloy thanks to the advanced filtration system Aludium uses during casting. This guarantees consistently perfect anodising and brightening results. With 55AT™, there is no need for labour-intensive mechanical polishing and high productivity guaranteed.

Full offer for automotive trim applications

55AT™ is a part of Aludium’s family of automotive trim products which also includes:

Decorandum®, the light weight alternative to stainless steel 
Texturandum®, tailor-made patterns for decorative applications 
The high purity alloy 5505 for premium vehicles 
Interior trim alloys 8014 and 5657. 

55AT™ from Aludium ensures OEMs have a high-quality surface which will bring the premium feeling of aluminium to their exterior trim applications, and at an affordable cost.

For OEMs who want to produce deluxe parts, Aludium offers a high quality 5505 alloy which guarantees the best formability and highest gloss values. 5505 can be used to achieve the most fluid shapes and highest shine the designers of modern cars can imagine.

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