Aluminium International Today Sustainability Supplement

Showing off Sustainability Standards

Welcome to the first special 2018 digital issue of Aluminium International Today!

Alongside six regular issues of the magazine, we try to publish at least two separate, digital issues a year; mainly because there is usually too much content to try and squeeze in!

It is a positive dilemma and ‘Sustainability’ seems to be one of those topics that never fails to bring in the articles. 

This year has already seen the launch of greener aluminium products such as Rusal’s ‘ALLOW’ and Hydro’s ‘4.0’, while advancing technology in electric automotive applications offers more opportunities for aluminium to show off its lightweight potential. 

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Sustainability Supplement highlights

This particular issue features an update on the sustainability standards launched by the ASI, a look at the environmental progress of the aluminium industry in Europe and Jerome Lucaes from Rusal gives his opinion on driving better material choices for automobiles. 

There is also a focus on emission control, energy saving and recycling, among other green topics! It’s safe to say, this is a packed issue.

Nadine Bloxsome
Editor, Aluminium International Today