Aluminium International Today Processing & Finishing

Welcome to this special digital issue of Aluminium International Today, which focuses on the processing and finishing side of the aluminium industry.

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Processing & Finishing highlights

While the magazine tends to look at the manufacturing of aluminium and new technologies in this area, with the downstream sector experiencing more growth and the demand for aluminium increasing, we decided to take a closer look at innovations in the processing and finishing sector.

Aluminium is a strong and durable metal with a natural ability to form a protective oxide layer when exposed to the atmosphere. The structural integrity is not impaired by atmospheric attack. Where the preservation of the metal’s surface appearance is desirable, or where a colour finish is required, aluminium can be treated with a variety of finishes including mechanical and chemical finishes, plating, anodising and organic coating. The most widely used processes are anodising and painting (organic coating).

This issue features a host of different articles around this subject, with a look at trends and technology solutions (page 4), anodised aluminium (page 12), value-added aluminium products (page 14), and there are also two separate articles, which highlight the future of aluminium powder coatings (pages 20 & 23).

I hope you enjoy this issue and if you’d like to contribute a processing or finishing article to a future issue of Aluminium International Today, I would love to hear from you.
Nadine Firth
Editor, Aluminium International Today