Aluminium International Today Packaging Supplement

Welcome to this special digital issue of Aluminium International Today, which focuses on the production and processing of aluminium packaging.

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Packaging Supplement highlights

With the return of Interpack 2017 in May this year, it seemed that every other press release flying into my inbox had a focus on packaging, so I thought it only fair to dedicate some pages (albeit digital ones) to this growing market.

The can usually hogs the limelight when it comes to appreciating aluminium as a packaging material, but the possibilities for other applications are endless and we are seeing more and more manufacturers experimenting with aluminium thanks to its lightweight and flexible properties.

Bottles, caps, closures, tubes, trays, aerosols, pouches, sachets and cartons make up some of the ways that aluminium enters your home. But, while we in the industry know of it’s infinite recyclability and have the quote: “75% of the world’s aluminium is still in use today,” etched on our brain, there is still a way to go when it comes to helping the consumer understand the sustainability benefits of this ‘miracle’ metal. 

Hopefully, with the likes of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) becoming involved in this area, we will start to see more being done to maximise the collection and recycling of aluminium, with the help of the entire value chain. You can read more about how the ASI is working across the board to promote sustainable standards on page 5.

This special issue is packed (no pun intended) full of news and interesting 

articles from across the aluminium packaging industry. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and if you missed out this time, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how you can be involved and get your company in front of the industry.