Aluminium International Today May/June 2017

The Future is Now

There appears to be a theme running through this month’s news pages and that theme is ‘good news’.

Rolling mills being built, automotive lines launched, recycling boosted; all positive stories, which show the industry is investing in a lightweight and sustainable future.

The efforts to work more towards a closed-loop recycling system are paramount and something that aluminium producers and processors worldwide can take steps to achieve. 

At a recent conference I attended, the environment and the impact of the aluminium industry was a main focus. It was quite astounding to hear that the world’s aluminium industry produces 500 million tonnes of CO2 annually, which is 1% of the world’s total CO2 emissions.

Another fact I took away was that 60% of the power used to produce aluminium today comes from coal - it was 20% in the 1950s, so we are going in the wrong direction!

All these issues are heavy on the agenda for the ASI as it works to deliver a system of Standards for the aluminium value chain. More of which you can read about on page 10 in an Association Update.

You’ll hopefully notice that this issue is also packed with a dedicated Italian Supplement to coincide with the METEF event, the Chinese language issue and all the usual technical articles, features, interviews and market analysis from across the aluminium industry.


Nadine Bloxsome, Editor Aluminium International Today


Front cover courtesy of Emirates Global Aluminium

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