Aluminium International Today March/April

Aluminium: The Driving Force

One of my mottos in life is to ‘practice what you preach’, which is how I am justifying my new treat to myself...a shiny Range Rover Evoque, with aluminium lightweighting as standard of course. 

I’ll forgive the guys at JLR, who tried to rain on my parade slightly by launching the new Velar in the same week!

Built alongside the Range Rover Sport and Jaguar F-Pace in the ultra-modern aluminium body and assembly plant in Solihull, West Midlands, JLR insiders are confident that rising demand will drive Land Rover vehicle production to new record levels. 

It’s an exciting time for the automotive industry and it is good to see that aluminium is continuing its role as the ‘miracle metal’ when it comes to lightweight performance and sheer aesthetic beauty, but then I’m now biased.
As always, this issue of Aluminium International Today is packed full of technical articles, with a special focus on extrusion, furnace technology and heat treatment. 

This issue also sees the introduction of a series of articles looking at the development of the global aluminium industry within its context, showing how from modest beginnings aluminium became ubiquitous and the industry global giant. Read all about it on page 43.

I hope you enjoy the issue and please get in touch if you’d like me to make any site visits that require a long drive...!

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