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Sustainable and profitable dross practices

For the aluminium industry, the subject of dross has become a point of frustration...

Why scrapping aluminium import duties will protect EU downstream

By advocating the scrapping the EU’s tariff on unwrought aluminium imports, FACE – the Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe – is speaking up in defence of the competitiveness of the downstream industry. By Mario Conserva*

The International Conference and Exhibition “Aluminium-21/RECYCLING” in Moscow

The International Conference and Exhibition “Aluminum-21 / RECYCLING” was held on October 30 - November 1, 2018 in the hotel “Palmira Business Club”, Moscow. Our correspondent in Russia, Alex Gurov was here.

Examining extrusions with Simmal

We all know that aluminium is becoming increasingly popular across multiple industries and for a variety of different applications...

The role of aluminium smelters in decarbonising our future

Will our quest to decarbonise lead us to an energy-rich future, and what role can primary aluminium smelters play? Geoff Matthews*, Future Aluminium Forum Advisory Board member, says there is significant commercial opportunity for smelters as we seek a low emissions future, but warns that flexibility is key.

International Congress & Exhibition: Non-Ferrous Metals and Minerals – 2018

From 10 to 14 September Krasnoyarsk was the venue of X International Congress- Exhibition «Non-Ferrous Metals and Minerals – 2018».