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Alcoa: Aluminium giant signs super-sized Airbus aerospace deal

Alcoa has signed a US$1.4bn multi-year deal with Airbus to supply aerospace aluminium sheet, plate and hard alloy extruded products across virtually all the aviation company's commercial operations.

Hard alloy extruded products including rod, drawn tubing and extruded shapes for wing stringers and floor structures will be supplied by Alcoa's Lafayette, Indiana, and Halethorpe, Baltimore, plants in the USA. Flat-rolled products will come from plants in Davenport, Iowa, USA; Kitts Green in the United Kingdom and Belaya Kalitva in Russia.

The deal involves the supply of aluminium for Airbus' new lower wing skins on the A320 as well as several aluminium lithium applications on the A350 and A380 - including the largest extruded lower wing stringers, wing skins and fuselage panels for the A380. Structural plate for the A350 will also be supplied.

Alcoa's global 'nose to tail' and 'wing tip to wing tip' aerospace business is worth US$3.4bn in annual revenues, claims the company.