Advertising Rates


  1 3 6 9 12
FULL PAGE £3,486 £3,000 £2,895 £2,725 £2,450
HALF PAGE £2,040 £1,970 £1,765 £1,600 £1,530
QUARTER PAGE £1,205 £1,125 £1,030 £930 £825




Notes: Runs along the top of the website above Aluminium International Today logo. This is only available to one company per year.
Size: 728 x 90 Pixels
DPI: 72dpi
£6000 for 12 months


Notes: Alongside the Aluminium International Today logo
Size: 468 x 60 Pixels
DPI: 72dpi
£250 per month


Notes: Above the main information section of the page.
Size: 468 x 60 Pixels
DPI: 72dpi
£180 per month


Notes: Below the main information section of the page.
Size: 468 x 60 Pixels
DPI: 72dpi
£150 per month


Notes: Right hand side of page, you can double the height of the banner to 180 x 200 for £200 per month.
Size: 180 x 100 Pixels
DPI: 72dpi
£110 per month


Notes: Max - 2 months. Company Profile plus advertisement on features page with link to own website.
£650 per month


NOTES: Runs along the top of the website above Aluminium International Today logo. This is only available to one company per year.

Size: 180 x 200 Pixels
DPI: 72dpi
£150 per month

To book your advertising requirements or for further information contact the Sales Team

Technical guidelines for the acceptance of advertisements

Printing standards for magazine production require high-quality copy, which can only be achieved if the copy supplied is in certain specific formats, and on certain types of media. The requirements for all Quartz Business Media Ltd publications are set out below. If you are unfamiliar with some of the terminology, our Production Executive should be able to advise you - or you can contact an agency or reprographic bureau.

• Email: Send to (where 'name' is insert the email name of your Sales contact or Production Executive contact in Quartz Business Media Ltd). The subject line of the email should include these details (attachment size limit = 10MB): [Your Company Name] [Ad/Logo/Copy] for [PublicationName] [Month]
• Disks: CD (indicate if PC or Mac formatted)

• Images: Pictures/Photos/Logos/Illustrations should be supplied as TIFF/EPS resolution 300dpi at size to be used, colour-separated for spot colours and CMYK. If sending by email, compressed JPEG is acceptable. If colour matching is required, a colour proof should be supplied by post or courier to your contact in Quartz.
• Lineart scans must be TIFF or EPS, minimum 600dpi,or hard copy for scanning.
• Text: Text Only, Rich Text Format, or a Microsoft Word document.
• Fonts: Any fonts required can only be supplied to us if your license includes a Remote User clause. Otherwise our nearest available match will be used.
• PDFs: Files should be saved in CMYK at 300dpi at the correct size – fonts and images should be embedded (avoid using Helvetica and Arial fonts).
• Mechanical specifications: Copy must also conform to the specifications listed in the publication media pack. Our Production Executive can supply you with the details.

• In Design
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
Please check with your Quartz Business Media contact for the version in use.

If the copy received does not conform to the formats listed above, Quartz Business Media Ltd regret that it may be returned to you for correction. PowerPoint, CorelDraw, Web images and logos are not acceptable as the resolution is too low. Should you wish us to undertake any adjustments or artwork on the copy you supply, this may incur an additional charge at a similar rate to a reprographic bureau. In this event, your Sales contact or Production Executive will contact you. Should you wish to use a reprographic bureau instead, they can supply a list of bureaux with contact details.

A full copy of the Conditions of Acceptance of Advertisements is printed on the reverse of the company's Order Acknowledgement form; it is also available separately on request.

Mechanical Data

All dimensions shown as depth x width

Type Area Double Page Spread 265 x 394mm
Bleed Double Page Spread 303mm x 426mm
Type Area Full Page 265mm x 185mm
Bleed Page 303mm x 216mm
Type Area Half Page 128mm x 185mm
Type Area Quarter Page 128mm x 87mm

If you have any other questions regarding mechanical data or any other production related query please contact Martin Lawrence


Average net circulation of 5,500 copies per issue (Additional issues sent to key industry events)

Geographical breakdown of circulation

33% North America
30% Europe
20% Asia
  7% Middle East
  4% Latin America
  3% Oceania
  2% Africa
  1% Caribbean

Foreign language issues to:

  • China
  • Russia



Foreign language issues

In addition to six English language issues per year, Aluminium International Today is published twice a year in Chinese and twice in Russian.

当代国际铝业杂志(Aluminium International Today)除了每年出版6期英文版杂志外,每年还出版2期中文版和2期俄文版杂志

В дополнение к шести ежегодным выпускам Aluminium International Today на английском языке, также ежегодно издаются по два выпуска на китайском и русском языках.

Chinese issueThe Chinese editions are published in February and June and are distributed by MC-CPIT and distributed at events they attend including Aluminium China
中文版每年在2月和5月出版。由中国国际贸促会冶金分会在它参与的会展中发行,包括Aluminium China

February: Editorial deadline: 5 December

June: Editorial deadline: 1 April

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Russian issueВыпуски на русском языке
The Russian issues are published in May and October, mailed to our readership and distributed at Metallurgy Litmash, Metal Expo & Aluminium Siberia

Русскоязычные выпуски издаются в мае и октябре для почтовой рассылки ведущим производителям и потребителям алюминия в России и СНГ, широкого распространения на международных выставках и конференциях, включая Металлургию-Литмаш, Металл-Экспо, Конгресс цветных металлов Сибири и др.

俄文版每年在5月和10月出版,在以下会展Metallurgy Litimash, Metal Expo和Aluminium Siberia发行

May: Editorial deadline: 15 February | Advertising deadline: 22 March 

October: Editorial deadline: 15 July | Advertising deadline: 10 August

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Best Corporate Publication in the Russian Metallurgical Industry

Aluminium International Today recently won, alongside its sister publication Steel Times International, an award for the Best Corporate Publication in the Russian Metallurgical Industry. More than 40 publishers in the CIS metallurgical industry take part in the competition.

The prize was given as the best foreign magazines for Russian metallurgists interested in news from abroad and for presenting new technologies, equipment and services.

«Лучшее корпоративное издание в металлургической отрасли России и СНГ»
Журналы Aluminium International Today и Steel Times International недавно стали победителями конкурса «Лучшее корпоративное издание в металлургической отрасли России и СНГ» в номинации Лучший зарубежный медиа-партнер и специализированный журнал для металлургов, следящих за мировыми новостями, новейшими технологиями и оборудованием.



Editorial features list

To receive the 2016 editorial features list please contact:

Nadine Firth, Editor | T: +44 (0)1737 855115 | E:

For advertising enquiries, please contact:
Anne Considine, Sales Manager | T: +44 (0)1737 855139 | E:

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