International Conference on Electrodes for Primary Aluminium Smelters - inc. 6th Rodding Conference
March/April 2014

AIT March/April 2014

It seems we timed it right with an ‘Automotive’ feature this issue, because the launch of Ford’s aluminium-intensive F-150 has jump-started the market (no pun intended).

With this huge growth potential, the news pages are dotted with investments and expansions. It makes a change to be sifting through so much good news and hopefully it will only continue to get better.

To get to grips with what this could mean for the industry, I met with Dr Geoff Scamans from Innoval Technology, to discuss the investments being made in rolling mills, heat treatment and finishing lines and whether the aluminium industry is up to the challenge. There is also an article on how the latest car designs reflect the growing power of aluminium.

This all ties in nicely with the feature on ‘Rolling’, which starts by addressing the market requirements for aluminium flat rolled products.

Finally, a dedicated feature on ‘Analysis & Testing’ takes a look at reducing line downtime and thermal imaging in metal processing.

I’m sure you will have also noticed that Aluminium International Today is celebrating its 25th Birthday! I’m happy to accept any cards or presents on its behalf...

Nadine Firth, Editor

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2. News
2. Leader

10. North America - Rolled aluminium
12. Middle East - GCC growth set to continue
14. Europe - Stop De-industrialisation: Concrete proposals from the European aluminium industry
16. Russia - Aluminium’s role in Russian automotives
18. China update - The use of aluminium in the automotive industry

20. Nick Madden, Novelis, looks at the warehousing situation

23. Aluminium sheet in automotive applications
27. Latest car designs reflect growing power of aluminium
30. Aluminium in Crash Management Systems
32. The future of aluminium casting in automotive manufacturing

35. Addressing market requirements for aluminium flat products
37. Case study: High-bay and automated intralogistics systems speeds up production
38. Preventing disruption in a rolling plant
41. Compensating coil build-up to improve flatness after unwinding

44. Grease for high temperature operations

46. Reducing line downtime
48. Thermal imaging in metal processing

49. Anode Rodding preview
50. TMS review