Nov/Dec 2017

Nov/Dec 2017

Smarter manufacturing

The term ‘Industry 4.0’ is everywhere at the moment, but do you know what it really means and what impact it could have on aluminium manufacturing?

As this new era approaches, it seems that companies are applying Industry 4.0 concepts to add value along the entire supply chain; from managing production to ensuring the appropriate quality and delivering orders exactly as expected.

Where can I find out more about how these processes can benefit or might affect my business, I hear you ask...

The Future Aluminium Forum is a new event we are launching at Quartz Business Media, which will discuss and present how Industry 4.0 will be applied across the aluminium supply chain and the impacts.

Being held in Milan on 8-9 May 2018, the Forum will examine how ‘smart manufacturing’ will revolutionise aluminium production. You can find out more about how to be involved and make the most of Earlybird registration rates here

Coming back to this issue and there has been a big focus on the automotive market recently, so I visited the Lochaber smelter to find out how and why it is focusing on alloy wheel production. 

You’ll also find a detailed Furnaces Directory with listings of companies dedicated to thermal processing of metals and materials and a focus feature on rolling technology. 

See you in 2018!

Nadine Bloxsome
Editor, Aluminium International Today

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And just like that, another year seems to be drawing to an end.

I admit that I have just had to Google “what happened in 2017” mainly to try and pick out some good news stories.

Among the natural disasters and attacks too close to home, did you know that a new species of Orangutan was discovered in Indonesia, becoming the third species of Orangutan and the first great ape to be described for almost a century?

Coming back to the aluminium industry and when choosing what news stories to re-live for this issue, I was reminded of the amount of investment and new technology coming to the forefront.

We are on the brink of the next Industrial Revolution and I’m not sure if we, as an industry are ready for what Industry 4.0 could mean for aluminium manufacturing and the factory of the future...

Thankfully, the knowledge is out there and 2018 will see the launch of the Future Aluminium Forum, which aims to highlight the benefits and explain the challenges that this new era of ‘smart manufacturing’ could bring.

You can join in the discussion and find out more at:

I hope you enjoy this special issue and the selection of popular features and technical articles from the past year. It’s just a glimpse into the world of aluminium manufacturing and processing that we bring readers regularly, so don’t miss out next year!

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Sept/Oct 2017

Sept/Oct 2017

The price is nearly right

The aluminium industry has been buzzing lately with the news that the price of aluminium rose to over $2,000 a tonne for the first time in three years in August.

It was reported that this increase is a result of the Chinese authorities cutting production as part of an environmental crackdown. Officials in Shandong province have ordered 3.21 million tonnes of smelting capacity to be shut down, which is more than was anticipated.

Time will tell how these closures will continue to impact the market price and hopefully, the only way will be up. 

This issue of Aluminium International Today includes a dedicated feature on primary production. An interesting article by Geoff Matthews from Energia Potior takes a look at why renewable energy grids need modulating aluminium smelters (page 17), while there is also a focus on carbon diffusion in cathode collector bars (page 21) and processing technology within the carbon industry (page 24).

Other features include casthouse technology, value-added production, extrusion and there is also an event preview for the ALUMINUM USA exhibition, taking place in Nashville.

It’s a busy time of the year as ARABAL is also just around the corner...maybe you have even picked up this issue at one of these events!


Nadine Bloxsome, Editor

Front cover courtesy of Granco Clark

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