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March/April 2015

March/April 2015

As the demand for aluminium continues to grow, the pricing power seems to be shifting upstream to bauxite and alumina producers.

In this issue, Aluminium International Today takes a look at the global consumption of bauxite and new mining development projects in Guinea, which are planning to capitalise on this market demand.

In a ‘Raw Materials’ feature, I met with Danny Keating, CEO of Alufer Mining Limited to discuss the logistics, as well as the social and environmental impacts of developing a bauxite mine.

There is also an article from Emirates Global Aluminium, which details the company’s strategic intent to secure raw materials through upstream investments.

Taking a look further downstream, this issue also includes a dedicated ‘Rolling’ feature, which begins with a look at the start-up of the Global Foil Association, following the success of the Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative.

More technical articles focus on how to improve rolling mill process control and how modern slitting lines are having to meet automotive body requirements in terms of mechanical properties and tolerances.

There’s all of this, as well as an exclusive case study of the AP60 Project, a look at downstream demand and an article from Novelis about how innovation can make your company stand out from the rest.

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Hope you enjoy the issue!

Nadine Firth,

Front cover courtesy of EGA

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January/February 2015

January/February 2015

Coming to a screen near you!

Thankfully, the aluminium industry has been kind to me and I have made it a whole year at the helm of Aluminium International Today.

The magazine is back with a bang, full of the latest industry news and topical features.

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This issue

We ended last year and begin this one with mergers and acquisitions filling the news pages. It seems that across the aluminium industry, companies are looking to find ways to make the current and developing markets work for them.

Whether it is looking at refining business strategies, or widening product portfolios, 2015 could see even more consolidation to come. An article from US Correspondent Myra Pinkham explains all.

This issue also takes a look at the how the primary industry is gearing up for 2015, the use of aluminium in the new Jaguar XE, transport and handling equipment, as well as information on opportunities and challenges presented by trade remedies to the aluminium industry.

I hope you enjoy the issue!

Nadine Firth

Front cover courtesy of EGA

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November/December 2014

November/December 2014

Going green

Contrary to what a famous little frog once sang, it would seem the aluminium industry is making ‘being green’ look easy.

Novelis recently stole the limelight (no green pun intended) with the opening of the largest aluminium recycling plant in Germany. The facility aims to give the company the flexibility to process a range of scrap types, creating a more efficient closed-loop recycling system and increasing Europe’s domestic scrap consumption.

Novelis has also joined forces with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Something little green frogs everywhere will hopefully benefit from.

Not wanting to miss out on the action, you will have noticed in our last issue that Quartz Business Media has announced an event to address sustainability challenges in the aluminium industry.

AluSolutions 2015 will be held on 21st - 22nd October in Toronto, Canada and we are now calling for papers for the conference and exhibition space is already being reserved. You can find out more by visiting

This issue is the last of 2014 and hopefully ends on a high! As usual, we have a selection of international industry updates, along with detailed articles on furnaces/heat treatment, which look at how to tame your industrial furnace and annealing lines for automotive aluminium components. There is also a feature on ultrasonic assisted continuous casthouse technology, as well as a look at new technologies in modern remelting plants.

All of this, along with the Furnaces International Buyers’ Guide 2015, makes for a packed issue.

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See you next year!

Nadine Firth, Editor

Front cover courtesy of Novelis

November/December 2014 Contents

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