March/April 2018

March/April 2018

All’s fair in aluminium, or is it?

It’ll come as no surprise that the top story in this issue is the tariffs slapped onto aluminium imports, by the US President.

Opinions across the industry are divided and key commodities have not escaped the fallout of the ‘protectionist’ step, which investors fear may hurt global growth.

Following the announcement on 1st March, 2018, the premium to get immediate delivery on aluminium from warehouses surged to its highest level in three years.

While the attention is focused on China, Canada contributes heavily to a healthy North American sector and President and CEO of the Aluminium Association of Canada, said: “If the United States hits its strategic allies such as Canada with measures, they are missing the appropriate target and they expose their economy to serious adverse effects that are greater than the expected gains.”

There is no denying the US Government is showing commitment to strengthening the industry, but as this issue will be printed before the official decision, just how much of a level playing field will be created remains to be seen...TBC!

The rest of this issue brings you technical articles on furnace technology, rolling case studies, and the latest developments in analysis and testing. 

There is also a focus on anti-corruption efforts, pricing and more.



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March/April 2018 Contents

Sustainability Supplement

Sustainability Supplement

Showing off Sustainability Standards

Welcome to the first special 2018 digital issue of Aluminium International Today!

Alongside six regular issues of the magazine, we try to publish at least two separate, digital issues a year; mainly because there is usually too much content to try and squeeze in!

It is a positive dilemma and ‘Sustainability’ seems to be one of those topics that never fails to bring in the articles. 

This year has already seen the launch of greener aluminium products such as Rusal’s ‘ALLOW’ and Hydro’s ‘4.0’, while advancing technology in electric automotive applications offers more opportunities for aluminium to show off its lightweight potential. 

Sustainability Supplement Contents

Jan/Feb 2018

Jan/Feb 2018

Green aluminium

Recent years have seen the aluminium industry become more committed to sustainable efforts across the supply chain.

The introduction of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative has seen more attention on responsible production and in particular a focus on critical issues like greenhouse gas emissions and waste management.

It is exciting to see this initiative begin to show the fruits of its labour, with the first ASI aluminium expected this year.

There are a number of other ‘green’ news items that have made it into the ‘top stories’ this month and the announcement of new low-carbon products show the industry is continuing to develop ways to reduce its environmental impact.

This is especially important for upstream industries, which are renowned for being energy intensive.

This issue continues the environmental theme with an article from Hydro, which highlights how the new technology pilot is breaking ground in energy consumption.

There is also a feature from the Sustainability Director at Novelis, which focuses on creating sustainable value through customer collaboration.

I hope you enjoy this issue and don’t forget, there is still time to register to attend the Future Aluminium Forum in Milan in May. Join us to find out what the future holds for the industry and how you can be a part of it!

Kind Regards,
Nadine Bloxsome

Editor, Aluminium International Today

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Jan/Feb 2018 Contents

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