March/April 2016

March/April 2016

I’m the first to admit that I have a competitive streak. It usually comes into full force when a new face joins my early morning spinning class and I am overcome by the urge to show them how it’s done. I’m not proud, but who doesn’t enjoy feeling a little bit smug?

Competition is everywhere, along with the constant need to better one’s self or the way we  live, work and play. The US extrusion industry is a current example; while demand growth is expected to moderate across the year, supply issues and economic concerns are keeping the market competitive. 

To explain more and in light of the upcoming ET '16 show, there’s a market overview on page 9. Extrusions are also part of a push for closed loop or cradle-to-cradle recycling, which brings me nicely onto our next feature; Sustainability.
With AluSolutions just around the corner (10-11 May), this issue includes a preview, as well as articles on aluminium in green buildings, recycling and sorting technologies and a case study on developing a sustainable casthouse.

There is also an Association Update from AFSA, an extensive bauxite feature with a look at developing bauxite projects and waste disposal techniques.

Last, but not least, I caught up with the delightful Ron Knapp, Secretary General of the International Aluminium Institute to ask him a few things. 

I hope you enjoy the issue!

Nadine Firth, Editor

PS - You can actually view some of the articles published in this issue here

Front cover courtsey of Emirates Global Aluminium

March/April 2016 Contents

Sustainability Supplement

Sustainability Supplement

With the AluSolutions conference and exhibition just around the corner (10th - 11th May), this free supplement includes a number of articles with a focus on sustainable solutions and technology across the aluminium value chain. 

Other articles in this special issue look at energy optimisation beyond smelting operations, sorting and recycling of aluminium, green building applications and much more.

I hope you enjoy this issue and if you’d like to know more about working towards a sustainable aluminium industry, there is still time to register to attend AluSolutions on 10th - 11th May at the ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, for free.

Sustainability Supplement Contents

Jan/Feb 2016

Jan/Feb 2016

Time flies when you’re having fun and that certainly felt like the case towards the end of 2015, with a number of aluminium industry events spread across the globe.

The underlying theme across the ESTAL Congress, Aluminum USA, ICSOBA and ARABAL was innovation and sustainability across upstream and downstream operations. 

Where possible, it seems like aluminium producers are striving to save energy, control emissions and improve efficiency. This is certainly the case in this issue’s ‘Primary’ feature, which starts on page 28 with articles from ABB, Emirates Global Aluminium, and Fives. 

And it’s not just upstream operations making steps towards a more sustainable industry. This issue also includes a dedicated ‘Surface Treatment’ feature, which highlights the environmental impact of a product throughout its life-time, with a particular focus on aluminium in green buildings and improvements to thermal efficiency technology in order to make huge savings in energy consumption. You can read more in an exclusive interview with Adrian Toon, FAECF President on page 59. 

Finally, as 2016 gets underway, we look forward to the aluminium industry continuing its role as an innovator and tackling anymore challenges that come its way. 

Nadine Firth

Editor, Aluminium International Today

Front cover image courtesy of EGA

Jan/Feb 2016 Contents

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