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Diamond coating for friction reduction

* This is a longer version of an article which appeared in the Surface Treatment feature of AIT November/December 2010.

ALFED President’s speech 2010

*This is an unedited version of the Alfed president’s speech delivered at the annual dinner on Wednesday, November 10.

Non-Ferrous Metals of Siberia, 2010

More than 150 companies from 20 countries took part in the second international congress and exhibition held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Congress participants heard ideas about new environmental plans for the industry, methods for trainees and investment prospects for the region.

SNC Lavalin map

Some smelter studies and construction projects in the recent strong market (green) and current weak market (red), excluding China.

Rapid response hydrogen fluoride analyser

A new LaserGas III Portable analyser from Neo and a handheld spectrometer from Spectro.

A report on the environmental benefits of recycling - a critical review of the data for aluminium

The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) commissioned Imperial College, London to obtain the energy requirements and carbon footprint impact for the production of primary and secondary metals.

Data presented in the report enables an estimated saving of 136MtCO2 in 2006 to be derived by recycling aluminium scrap based on mean energy figures, but that primary production generates 80% more CO2 when compared with primary production of steel. By Editor Aluminium International Today