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The “Age of Aluminium”

In this new series, historian Dr Andrew Perchard provides an oversight of the development of the global aluminium industry within its context, showing how from modest beginnings aluminium became ubiquitous and the industry global giant.

Products & Projects

The aluminium industry is constantly embarking on new projects and developing new products.

In this regular feature, Aluminium International Today presents the latest announcements in these areas.

AEC Update

AEC and the Curtain Wall Coalition applaud the recent Commerce decision on Curtain Wall Scope Appeal


Time may change me, but I can’t trace time

By Chris Bayliss*


Nadine Bloxsome* spoke to Eric Frantz, AEROBAL President, about the history and work of the association.

The Sustainable Casthouse

There are two challenges for every casthouse operation to remain competitive: The changing economics of energy production, availability and efficiency, and stricter guidelines for its production, use and environmental impact.