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High-speed profile measurement in the hot rolling mill

By Christopher Burnett*

Le déluge:  Aluminium in the age of global conflict

In this second instalment looking at the development of the global aluminium industry, Dr Andrew Perchard* explores the effects of the global conflict on the industry between the outbreak of WWI, in 1914, and the height of the Cold War in 1962.

The Aluminium Industry Safety Guide

 The safety and well being of employees has long been a commitment of the aluminium industry...

Combustion system retrofits for aluminium furnaces

Changing demands, with respect to productivity, fuel use, and/or emissions requirements, in an aluminium furnace present the operator with a unique challenge to meet the new requirements.

The “Age of Aluminium”

In this new series, historian Dr Andrew Perchard provides an oversight of the development of the global aluminium industry within its context, showing how from modest beginnings aluminium became ubiquitous and the industry global giant.

Products & Projects

The aluminium industry is constantly embarking on new projects and developing new products.

In this regular feature, Aluminium International Today presents the latest announcements in these areas.