International Conference on Electrodes for Primary Aluminium Smelters - inc. 6th Rodding Conference

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Preventing disruption in an aluminium rolling plant

When leading Indian Aluminium producer Hindalco had ongoing problems with an existing combined reduction pinion stand gearbox, global gear engineering company David Brown stepped in to put a stop to the continued disruption and get the plant back to full process availability. By Mark Hollingworth*

Article by David Brown Gear Systems

High purity aluminium analysis

Aluminium of 5N or 6N grade, especially with very low alpha emitter content, is widely used in speciality electronic and chemical applications.

Article by Thermofisher

Product feasibility analysis in action

After contacting several die makers and not achieving the required results due to product feasibility problems, a known car manufacturer (and Formula 1 competitor) contacted Eurostampi for the supply of several die-cast aluminium details to be assembled in a single structure.

Article by Eurostampi

Global automotive aluminium wheels industry forecast to grow

Analysts forecast the Global Automotive Aluminium Wheels industry to grow at a CAGR of 8.48% over the period 2012 - 2016.

Sustainability Schemes: What can aluminium learn from other sectors?

Aluminium is increasingly being used as a lighter weight alternative to other metals in vehicles and aircraft. Key to its appeal is that lightweight equals better fuel efficiency and so lower greenhouse gas emissions. For ‘short life’ applications like packaging, the indefinite recyclability of aluminium is an advantage and many countries already achieve high recycling rates. But the production of aluminium is energy intensive, with the potential for high greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. How can the industry present the advantages of aluminium to consumers, whilst at the same time ensuring that production and fabrication are carried out in the most sustainable way? By Melanie Williams

Efficient die cleaning with wet blast technology

Wet blasting offers a superior surface finish when it comes to die cleaning and polishing, as well as significant reductions in production time. Tim Berry looks at the process in detail and records how one customer implemented wet blasting technology to achieve significant labour savings and quality improvements.

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