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Taming your industrial furnace

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an ‘industrial beast’? Lots of equipment would qualify for the title, but we’d like to nominate the furnaces used in the aluminium industry. Here, Jez Watson* from CD Automation UK, explains why temperature is a key operation in the aluminium industry.

Sustainability: The Aluminium Way

By P.K. Narasimharaghavan

Rotary crushing and material separation

Recycling materials through rotary crushing and material separation in the aluminium smelter

By David J Roth, GPS Global Solutions

Breakthrough in Ultrasonic assisted industrial continuous casting

Ultrasonic continuous casting without centreline segregation, conventional degassing and grain refiners. By Hélder Puga PhD*, Miodrag Prokic MSc**, Nico van Dongen MBA**

Article by:

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Presezzi Extrusion Group Advertorial

Presezzi Extrusion Group presents how it deals with the demanding market of aluminium hard alloys for automotive, aerospace and for forging.

Non-conventional die for a thermal break profile

By Sutanay Parida

Article by Gulf Extrusions Co.

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