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World Non-Ferrous Conference 2016

A step towards collaborative efforts in the industry

Drop quench furnaces

For solution heat treating of aluminium components, by Keith Watkins*

Continuus-Properzi and the aluminium ingots

Next year Continuus-Properzi will celebrate 70 years from the date of its founding. During the last seven decades, hundreds of Properzi rod lines have been manufactured and delivered to more than 50 countries making a remarkable contribution to the cable and automotive industries.

The Leading Edge of High Performance Aluminium Manufacturing

The Challenge of Automotive Lightening – Trends on Processing Age-Hardening Alloys

Alcoa - The New Bauxite-Alumina Powerhouse

On 1 November, Alcoa split into two companies - Alcoa Corporation (upstream) and Arconic (downstream). This is the aluminium industry’s largest demerger in many years and has a substantial impact on the markets for aluminium, raw materials and finished products.

Waste heat recovery solutions

By Adélaïde Faux, Antoine de Gromard, Aurélie Gonzalez, El Hani Bouhabila & Mathieu Coulon*