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Sustainability Supplement

This dedicated sustainability supplement from Aluminium International Today includes a host of articles looking at recycling, the environment, energy and the latest sustainability news.

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Spent Potlining (SPL): A myriad of opportunities

By Dawei Yu1, Vishnuvardhan Mambakkam1, Andre Hernandez Rivera1, Donghui Li1 and Kinnor Chattopadhyay1,2 

Cost savings by gas recycling

HyGear offers a recycling system to recover the hydrogen from metal production processes. The opportunities lie in the reduction of operational utility costs (hydrogen and/or nitrogen). Therefore, the system fits well with the aims for cost- and energy savings in the metal industry. 

Future of KAP

As the London Metal Exchange (LME) price of aluminium hovers at a one year low and major companies think about the next round of capacity closures, KAP, Montenegrin aluminium smelter, currently in bankruptcy continues to smelt away, seemingly calm about its prospects. With the cost of production at KAP certainly higher than $1800 given the electricity price it pays, KAP is either on the road to another bankruptcy or is receiving help from the government. Nadine Firth* spoke to Andrey Petrushinin** about these falling prices and the impact on KAP. 

Accurate, Durable and Fast Alloy Identification with Handheld LIBS

Dave Mercuro, General Manager, Elemental Products, talks to Aluminium International Today about an accurate, durable, alloy identification

Statement from Alupro announcing revisions to the aluminium IBA protocol

Following approval from Defra and the Environment Agencies, revisions are being introduced to the protocol which accounts for aluminium packaging recovered from incinerator bottom ash (IBA).