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Management and use of bauxite residue

By Ken Evans* 

Towards sustainable cities

The in use benefits of aluminium in architecture, by Chris Bayliss*, Professor Michael Stacey** & Stephanie Carlisle*** 

The emperor has no clothes

The elaborate façade of Đukanovic’s charm offensive towards the West is crumbling at his feet and his European interlocutors realise that the emperor is indeed quite naked. 

Aluminium at the heart of history in the UK

In 1929, The British Aluminium Company Ltd completed a major hydro construction programme of dams and pipework to carry millions of litres of water to new aluminium smelters at Fort William and Kinlochleven in Scotland. Today, only the Fort William (Lochaber) smelter remains and the owners, Rio Tinto, are currently reviewing its operations. Nadine Firth recently visited the area to delve into its rich history and learn how these communities were built on aluminium. 

The power of electricity

Worldwide, ABB is involved in major power or industrial projects where energy is involved. The company is a respected reference in the supply of technology solutions to more than one hundred aluminium smelters all over the world. This article looks at new electrification technology for aluminium smelters. By Ghislain Gonthier* 

New ALFED President

As the Aluminium Federation (ALFED) names its new President, Aluminium International Today spoke exclusively to Adrian Platt (pictured) about how he will take on this role.