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May/June 2015

May/June 2015

The whole package

I’m so used to reading about and discussing the manufacturing process of aluminium that it is sometimes easy to forget the end products which play a part in our day-to-day lives.

The launch of the evercycle range by Novelis recently prompted me to pay more attention to how I use aluminium and its recyclability. I won’t bore you with the details of the beverage cans I keep in my fridge or how I think roasted vegetables taste better when cooked in an aluminium tray, but it is good to see the benefits of aluminium packaging being promoted in this way.

While on the subject, this issue includes an article from the Can Manufacturer’s Institute, which takes a look at the humble aluminium can and its growth in the USA. Read more on page 21.

Things heat up a bit on page 23 with a technical ‘Furnaces’ paper on wear reasons and material choices for aluminium melting and holding furnaces.

A ‘Casthouse’ feature on page 33 continues to look at dealing with molten metal and how to secure safe metal flow, while a ‘Health and Safety’ feature starting on page 39 concentrates on worker safety and Tim Murray, CEO of Alba highlights the company’s continued efforts in this area.

Finally, in what could be described as 'closing the loop', we end with a more detailed look at recycling and why increasing the percentage of recycled aluminium content does not necessarily improve sustainability.

There's all of this, along with a review of the recent TMS event, a history page looking at the Spitfire as an aluminium icon, and industry updates from across the globe.

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Hope you enjoy the issue!

Nadine Firth,


Front cover courtesy of EGA

May/June 2015 Contents

Recent News

Bridgnorth Aluminium mill plan approved

A rolling mill that should create 65 jobs at a UK aluminium plant has been given the go-ahead.

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Community Advisory Group established to inform Bauxite Miners

A Bauxite Mining Community Advisory Group (BMCAG) has been established as an initiative of Bauxite Alumina Joint Ventures (BAJV) and Bauxite Resources Limited (BRL), to develop the Felicitas and Fortuna bauxite mining projects North of Wundowie.

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Aluminium Federation cans the can

The Aluminium Federation (ALFED), the trade body for the UK aluminium industry, has introduced drinks can recycling at its offices.

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Alcoa named Platts Metals Company of the Year

Alcoa was presented with two top awards at the Platts 2015 Global Metals Awards ceremony held last night in London.

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Recent Features

Safety first

A conversation about safety with Tim Murray, CEO of Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba)

By Alex W. Lowery*

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Workshop highlights UK safety measures

The Aluminium Federation UK (ALFED) Health and Safety Workshop was held on 11th – 12th March 2015 and brought together aluminium professionals to discuss maintaining a safe working environment. Nadine Firth was in attendance and spoke with Neil Birt* of Bridgnorth Aluminium, about how environmental and safety issues can affect a workforce.

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Company foundation realised

ancorro (Greek/Latin: “anti-corrosion”) stands for longer service life of refractories, higher energy efficiencies, and expert know-how in high-temperature processes.

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Downstream demand

U.S. Downstream producers: Will they suffer the same fate as U.S. primary aluminium producers? By Robert E. DeFrancesco*, III, and Adam M. Teslik**

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