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July/August 2015

July/August 2015

On a roll

The thing about reporting news is that it is usually not good news. Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be the case this month.

The modernisation of Rio Tinto’s Kitimat smelter is a glimmer of hope for the primary industry, which has recently seen an increase in smelter curtailments and closures.

Coupled with this, the approval for the Line 6 Expansion Project at Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA) supports the growing downstream industry demand.

And, to top it off nicely, it has been announced that the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch will be made of recycled aluminium, which was chosen for its lightweight qualities to “make a better experience for the torchbearers.” 

There is more good news to be found in the July/August issue of Aluminium International Today, with a dedicated extrusion feature, which looks at how the market is adding value and investing in the future. This starts with a look at the UK industry on page 31.

A feature on secondary production includes a technical paper on recovering corrosive aluminium melting furnace waste heat (page 23) and a history of dross processing (page 25).

The silver lining is brought slightly back down to earth in an interesting article about aluminium pricing, which examines a deflationary environment (page 20), while there’s also an automotive feature (page 46) and an ‘Anode Supplement’ on page 39 for good measure.

As always, I hope you enjoy the issue and don’t hesitate to get in touch for editorial opportunities.

Kind Regards,
Nadine Firth

Editor, Aluminium International Today

Front cover courtesy of Turla

July/August 2015 Contents

Recent News

Alufoil deliveries pick up in Europe

The European domestic market for aluminium foil made a welcome return to growth in Q2.

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Century: Permanently closing Ravenswood smelter

Century Aluminum Company has announced that it intends to permanently close its Ravenswood, W.V. aluminium smelter, effective immediately.

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UC Rusal new sales appointment

UC Rusal has announced the appointment of Bob Katsiouleris as Director of European Sales.

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Alupro: Packaging recycling report

Following concern expressed by Alupro about the suitability of the Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) system for recording aluminium packaging recycling – reflected again in the low levels reported in the Q2 recycling performance data released yesterday – it has commissioned a research project to reveal the real recycling rate.

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Recent Features

Safety first

A conversation about safety with Tim Murray, CEO of Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba)

By Alex W. Lowery*

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Workshop highlights UK safety measures

The Aluminium Federation UK (ALFED) Health and Safety Workshop was held on 11th – 12th March 2015 and brought together aluminium professionals to discuss maintaining a safe working environment. Nadine Firth was in attendance and spoke with Neil Birt* of Bridgnorth Aluminium, about how environmental and safety issues can affect a workforce.

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Company foundation realised

ancorro (Greek/Latin: “anti-corrosion”) stands for longer service life of refractories, higher energy efficiencies, and expert know-how in high-temperature processes.

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